Saturday, August 31, 2013

Four in One Vol. 2 (1982)

A top shelf minimal synth compilation. Featuring two Alain Neffe projects. The ever prolific Bene Gesserit, and Subject serving up a few pleasing synthy art wave ditties. Three early Legendary Pink Dots songs explore different musical motifs. The standout song "Violence" has them making fun weird minimal synth, with plenty of odd blurbs and beeps. Last but not least, Glamour for Evening add my personal favorite three songs to the record. Absurdist minimal synth doesn't much better. Vocals are put through a number weirdly sounding effects processors. Two of the songs use the lovely pong-like sounds of the Casio VL-1 rhythm machine. Sounds to me as if The Residents are playing Belgian style 80's synth music. Rumor has it that Glamour for Evening evolved from Mecanique Vegetale.

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  1. I liked this alot. That subject song 'happy nurse' is probably my favorite.