Saturday, April 21, 2012

SF Sound OF Music Club Live Vol.1 (1983)

Here's a slew of arty San Francisco bands rockin' live in 1983. About half these bands had their own records, about half not. My favorite moment is Arkansaw Man taunting the crowd with a Led Zeppelin cover, then going into one of their better songs. Me thinks there's a few standout tracks here, what say you? Was there ever a volume two?


  1. Was there ever a download link?

  2. much appreciated. any chance that you might have boy trouble's 7"party girl/pink playtex been looking for both along time.thanks
    keep up the great blogspot

  3. No, I'd like to hear the Boy Trouble 7" too!

  4. After my first listen I would pick the Dogtown track as my current favourite, followed by the Repeat Offenders tune.