Friday, August 24, 2012

Lifers - This House (1981)

New wavy post punk from San Francisco. "Walking Distance" likes to get stuck in my head. Actually I prefer most of side one over side two, but that's just me. They also have a track on the Alive Rock City comp. That I will probably post someday.


  1. Somebody has finally posted this. Thanks as I have been looking for it online for a while as my vinyl copy is long lost.

    There is almost no mention of them on the internet which is funny. I agree with you that about side 1 (first 4 tracks really are the best).

  2. Lifers opened in Seattle for The Stranglers, circa Feline. They sounded cool to our suburban ears but the Sea-crowd dismissed them right away for their cold-wave wanna-be sound. "Hey, Ian!" I remember somebody in the audience calling out. But we bought the record and liked it anyway. Glad I get to hear it once again. (Armchair Collector)