Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seven 7 inch records

A super smorgasbord post with a little something for everybody. Brought together only because I own the vinyl (except two donations from friends), but don't have any of the picture sleeves.

 B.O.P. - Ouch / Bob Rachet / Mother's Agony (1982)
Synth driven new wave with some Devo quirkiness. The songs on the b-side are pretty cool!

 Blackmail - A Game For All The Family (1978)
A four song DIY EP that's real prog-rock influenced. More infos here. 

 Brand New World - Six Feet Under / Monster Love (1983)
Sorta novelty style new wave, think Dr. Demento or polished Marina Swingers.

 The Eighties - No Cruising in an Era of Limits / Letter to Loretta (1980)
Top notch paisley underground power pop jangle produced by Geza X. 

Klingons - Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde / The First Question (1980)
Fantastic energetic UK postpunk. Covering an underrated Who song, and a great original tune. Check out Discogs for the pics.

 L.O.K. - Fun House / Starlet Love / Tell Me (1979)
Real killer Stooges/New York Dolls inspired garage-punk. The guitar player/producer also played with Wayne County. My record seems to be some kind of early release promo. More scans on Discogs.

  Psyche - Never Laugh / The Prisoner (1982)
Synth heavy UK gothic postpunk. Discogs has more scans with the lyrics.

Hear it all here.