Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vancouver Independence (1980)

Pretty forkin' cool sampling of the early Vancouver scene. Even though my favorite Vancouver bands of the time AKA, and UJ3RK5 aren't on it. Si Monkey with UJ3RK5 Frank Ramirez on vocals are my pick of the compilation with a couple of weird minimal synth tracks. M.E.C. play great art-punk here, with some of the Hawkwind influence intact. Droogs are like The Sleepers meets The Doors and their "Nuremburg '34" is great! Metros "In With the Crowd" is very solid powerpop. No Exit is low-fi raw punk the KBD crowd loves. The B-sides have a good ska thing going on, I love early ska. The Subhumans are doing their melodic tuff-guy punk, but had they not been twenty years before their time, they'd have made a million maybe. Also we have Singing Cowboys who don't sing in their new wave rodeo. Yeah I included the insert.

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