Sunday, May 29, 2011

All Night Movies - BacchusPolka / Not Human 7" 1981

Can't say much about this one. Their Facebook Page explains that the improvisational 6 piece was based in Mt.Pleasant, MI from '79-'80 and composed primarily of Central Michigian University students. Judging by the $1.00 sticker on the bag I picked it up at Cheapo Records in Minneapolis in the '90s, lured no doubt by the unusual packaging and promise of synth-noises within.

'Bacchus Polka' has an insistent synthetic bass with ensemble woodwind and vocals that make you want to sway about the room doing the obscurity dance while 'Not Human' vetures into skronk and analog lfo noises that would have been at home on a ZickZack release.

Try it on for size here:


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  1. I think this guys had a track in the Sub Pop 5 Cassette in 1982. I think by then they were not playing togheter anymore. Very weird music. Cool.