Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Wicked Good Time! (1981) / A Wicked Good Time Volume Two (1981)

Two marvelous compilations put out by Modern Method Records. All the bands were from the Boston area. A succinct review of the first comp found at RYM says "Side A is the punk stuff and side B is the weird stuff. What side are you on?" Well if I have to chose... My only quibble is Aimee Manns' Young Snakes, their Brains and Eggs is classic weird post punk. Also side A is more power pop really, and not every song on side B is weird. Guess that's more than one quibble. I'm just being pedantic because there is plenty of stellar weirdness from the likes of Bound & Gagged, Someone and the Somebodies, The Loners, Suade Cowboys, Young Snakes, and Roger Millers' Bird Songs of the Mesozoic. Plus a bunch of other fine tunes.

A Wicked Good Time!

Volume two sprinkles the weird stuff around. The post punk of CCCP-TV being my favorite. Check out the Propeller Product EP for another great tune of theirs. Also there's a Pastiche tune, the latter of which devolves into an incredibly cool minimal synth sound. Vitamin do an art damaged punk-folk thing. November Group have a great synth wave track. Plenty of other interesting sounds. The record insert is included.

A Wicked Good Time Volume Two


  1. seems like your posting all my rym's wishlist stuff!! keep going this obscure-wave blog...every post is brilliant!!!! thanks a lot for the great work!! just amazing

  2. Hi Dane,

    Amazing blogsite yours! CCCP-TV, yes!

    And totally agree with zyklob_Boy: Please, keep on posting such brilliant stuff!


  3. And a little related comment as promised Mr. Dane. "A Wicked Good Time" was, judging by some stickers I saw around, the slogan of Newbury Comics in Harvard Square. Everyone I knew from Boston in the '80s had "wicked" in their vocabulary, especicially Nick Hook (Expando Brain, Vinny & The Stardusters, Kelly Deal 6000, who knows what else by now.) He took me there on a spring break jaunt and I picked up a couple of prized records there at typical mid '80s "synthesizers? that's gay!" prices.

  4. Hi, it seems like the 4shared link for A Wicked Good Time! isn't working. Can you please check the link and maybe re-up? Thanks.

    1. found this on another blog:

    2. The 4shared link works fine for me!