Saturday, October 1, 2011

Talking Reds - The Programme / Stop Wasting Our Time (1980)

Here's an absolutely brilliant single from the UK. Stop Wasting Our Time is an amazing weird minimal synth type song, with odd guitar lines tweaking things out even more. Some parts on The Programme remind me of early Scritti Politti. Ideologically similar too, who doesn't love shouting along with "we gotta get rid of the rich"? Apparently this was a benefit release for a weekly paper called Militant. "all profits to the militant fighting fund" Both songs are credited to Freke. If anyone knows more about Freke, I'm interested.
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  1. Thanks for this great record and wonderfull blog!

  2. listened to this when you first posted it and i couldn't remember anything except that it was awesome. just happened across it in my library and wanted to say thanks. it's a great record. 'preciate ya!