Monday, October 10, 2011

Someone & The Somebodies - Bops On The Head (1981) Newvo / Ian (1982)

From Boston, these guys also have a couple of tracks on the Modern Method comps I posted here. There's lots of info on the band here. Seems they were fairly well known in Boston at the time. Winning a battle of the bands type thing called the Rumble, and opening for many of the bigger new wave acts of the day.

The Bops EP I find a more interesting listen. Plenty of oddly amalgamated song constructions, and nice synth noises buzzing around. With a cover of Workin' In a Coal Mine to boot. The single is more pop than Bops. Newvo is catchy jangle wave. Ian is reportedly about Ian Curtis.

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  1. aw man yes! i've been looking for more stuff by this group because i love newvo. can't wait to check it out. thanks!