Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plain Characters - I Am A / Very Peculiar Julia (1977) Man in the Railings / O (1979)

In my opinion this is some of Colin Lloyd Tucker's best work. Here along with fellow Gadget John Hyde on two stellar singles. I Am A / Very Peculiar Julia provides insanely catchy art punk, that's really just a load of mad fun. I've also got to mention the super posh tri-fold cover (the inside art is included with download). Even the single sleeve is made of the finest white patterned paper.

Man in the Railings / O turns to a more electro synth sound closer to The Gadgets stuff.
Their sounds are explored more on an excellent LP. Which I was going to post, but this nice person already put it up.

Colin Lloyd Tucker has conceived many diverse and interesting musical identities. What I've heard from Plain Characters, The Gadgets, Deux Filles, Jeremy's Secret, and his solo outings. Make it clear that there should be much more interest in his eclectic unique music, which seems have eluded too many.


  1. Nice one :) Been a while since I heard this. Thanks.

  2. Great to hear the I Am A 7" again after all these years. Great post thanks