Saturday, January 28, 2012

Enstruction - Keep Out of My Body Bag / Signal to Noise / Is There a Dog? (1982)

 Synth abuse and drum machines are the musical backdrop for the vocalists perspectives from the anti pop culture. Early industrial no-wave-muzak, from these experimental art terrorists in the Seattle area. My kinda people.

The band history and lots of music can be found at their website.
Booklet with lyrics and many enstructions included.

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  1. Saw Enstruction as an opening act @ Metropolis here in Seattle. Unable to remember for whom they opened. They were: three guys in jackboots, etc, but w/o insignia. They stood in front of a mic-stand and began a repeated two-note vocal intro as one of them spoke -- about a minute later (as I recall) they were politely urged off-stage. ...Too soon for parody, too serious to be taken for camp, one supposes. What was it all about? I later bought the cassette & single. Did any body else? (Armchair Collector)