Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Stick Figures (1981)

Surely music this good should be better known. The Stick Figures were from Tampa, Florida. This arty post punk EP has a few different textures, so I'll try to explain a bit. N-Light reminds me of an early odd Minutemen song. Ellis Otivator Dub is more like Dub for epileptics. Crayola Bowling is close to Pylon, V; or Egoslavia. September has the sort of Velvet Underground influence that many of the 90's "indie" bands displayed. 

Two of  The Stick Figures, Bill Carey and Dave Bowman also played in N.E.M.B. Get that here.

Link removed, they're on Bandcamp now https://the-stick-figures.bandcamp.com/

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