Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cough, Cough - Conflicts (1982)

Cough, Cough aka *****,***** were an excellent post punk band from Canberra, Australia. Consisting of Peter Ringwood, Alan Coop, and Cathy Green.

Seemingly informed by many odd things. Their sound isn't easily pigeonholed as being influenced by x, y, or z. Though forced to describe them at gunpoint I might reluctantly say something like "o.k. maybe Mission of Burma, Saccharine Trust, with some early Gordons thrown in."

The angular abrasive tracks like ". . . .", "danger", and "father" are real gems. The lamentation of "try to forget" is um not so forgettable. They really get cookin' on "knots". I quite enjoy every tune here.

Cough, Cough put out another cassette before this one called 1. That I would love to hear. If anyone is willing to share : ) Thanks to Girls From Tahiti for sharing 1

Link removed, a website with re-mastered songs will be online soon.


  1. Thanks! I have the No. 1 cassette. I'll try and get it posted soon.

  2. Thanks for this enjoying it!!!!

  3. Awesome, thanks for sharing this curio! can't wait to hear it.
    best wishes,

  4. This tape is great and I give you my gratitude for letting it loose.