Friday, November 30, 2012

Extremes (1979)

Unconventional atypical arty synth wave from LA. Can't think of anyone to compare their sound with, which is really a compliment. Though it's somewhere near the oddball park of The Cardboards or Le Cause. Extremes have gained some small amount of underground notoriety for having two of the Stern brothers of Youth Brigade fame in their ranks. I'm going to take a wild guess here. Could Christian Kuhni be Christian Lunch. I mean a punk-wave record from Santa Monica with tons of electronics in 1979. Plus Maicol Sinatra (pictured far right) added vocals on a Christian Lunch record. The blonde guy on the cover kinda looks like a young Christian Lunch, maybe?
Ok I guess it's not Lunch.


  1. You're right....what would be the comparison? lol

  2. Everyone knows everything and no one knows a thing in Ephemeral Living

  3. Christian Lunch's real name is Christian Gregory Ingle. Other than that: thanks!

    1. 'other than that' what you don't enjoy a little reckless speculation? Sorry never meant imply Kuhni is his real name. He has been known to use pseudonyms. Granted Kuhni is a rather boring assumed name. So did anyone have thoughts on the music?