Sunday, November 25, 2012

Liberté? / A State of Mind - Don't Vote... Subvert (1984) Liberté? - Racism in America (1985)

Liberté? were a anarcho-peace-punk band from San Francisco. Musically more diverse than your average punk band. Tending towards the arty side like fellow SF band Sleeping Dogs. The Crass influence is readily apparent in the artwork (which is included) and music. The first song sounds just like 'fight war not wars' with the mantra of don't vote inserted. The Candidates Rap and Tribal Territorial Talks are my picks with strong bass lines and Crass type wall of noise guitar.

An extensive history of  Liberté? and A State of Mind written by Robbie (vocals) can be found on Kill Your Pet Puppy here. Along with the A State of Mind / Chumbawamba split 7" and A State of Mind's EP. Mutant Sounds has the more experimental Cyrnai - Charred Blossoms done by band member Carolyn Fok. I also included an A State of Mind poster reminiscent of Penis Envy. That I must have picked up at one of their shows.

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