Saturday, April 27, 2013

Color the Reality (1982)

Excellent compilation of four LA bands. Excerpts from the performance Mysteries, is a synth heavy adventure with art afflicted industrial antics strewn about. Strong Silent Types sound of death-wave post-punk, kinda like 45 Grave without the hardcore trappings. Fred Cadaver is a standout track. Hesitations armed with Casio cheese and an upright bass. Entertain and amuse with melodious humor. Romans certainly the most well known band on here. Were kind of an art-punk super group. Having members from Monitor, Bpeople, The Deadbeats, many other LAFMS related bands. Can't speak to their later recordings, but on this the sound somewhat like an instrumental version of The Urinals. This record came with an insert, but I don't have it.

Link removed. This has been remastered and re-released. Get it @

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