Sunday, August 31, 2014

Seattle Syndrome Two (1983)

Here's the follow up to the Seattle Syndrome Volume One, I posted awhile back. This one's even better than the first one, chock full of outstanding tunes. Minimal synths, post punks, new waves, power pops, weird otherness. My record is fairly beat up, probably because it was once a radio station copy, though it's fun being able to read the descriptions and comments left in pen by the DJs back in the day. I included a better pic of the back cover, and the record sleeve that has lots of info about the bands. This is one you don't want to overlook!



  1. Hello! This one is again not available. It's too bad, because you were right when you praised it (though I think number one is better even better), and mine is lost thirty years ago. If you could upload it one more time, I would be grateful. If not, well, you've been more than awesome, anyway. Cheers.