Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seattle Syndrome Volume One (1981)

Here's another killer compilation, this time from Seattle, WA. Almost every track is a standout, so forgive me if I don't mention them all. Body Falling Downstairs do wacky minimal synth like I wish some more would do these days. Blackouts, The Beakers, and Student Nurse all put down their own takes on the angular post-punk. The Macs do some morose psychedelia, reminiscent of This Kind of Punishment. Phillipo Scrooge give you more bizarro psych. Savant and K7SS go experimental dance a la my life in the bush of chris and cosey. X-15 and The Putz step up to the nervy new wave plate.


  1. I was looking for this for thirty years. (I had it once and lost it.) In my youth in Seattle this opened my eyes; if these songs were obscure, just known in Seattle (and not much there, either), I figured any city must have a scene in it that I didn't know. Now through the magic of the internet, we can. (Another change that young people really don't know; "scenes" usually were isolated in their cities that spawned them.)

    When I started my blog about songs (, my very first song was Student Nurse's "Discover Your Feet".


  2. The second installment can be found here: