Friday, October 31, 2014

No Aid - Charlie Wutz / TV 06131/701 (1980)

Rejoice freaks, here's a truly Dada inspired minimal / no wave trip of the Neue Deutsche Welle perspective. Complete with the headache guitar tone, thumpy bass, hiccup vocalizing, and some surprisingly friendly synth sounds.


  1. It's great to see them here. I've only known this band from the "Schau hoer" compilation. Thanks for posting it.

    Incidentally, would you have access to any of these singles?

    Mama Dada 1919: “Slow Slits”, 1979, UK
    One of You: Life Is So Hard, 1981, Canada SP
    One of You: Don’t Be So Desperate, 1982, Canada, SP
    Tango Luger: “Meurtre a Casablanca“, 1981, France
    (You’ve Got) Foetus (under Glass): “Spite Your Face / Wash It All Off“, 1981, UK
    Wirtschaftswunder – Allein SP, 1980, Germany

    1. Wirtschaftswunder is on my "to blog list". I'll bet you can soulseek the rest.

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