Saturday, November 29, 2014

My 3 Sons - Starving Artist / In the Beginning (1984)

New Jersey's My 3 Sons play a bit of the experimental noise punk, reminiscent of No Trend or Flipper.

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  1. Endless thanks for this upload. Along with Children in Adult Jails and Cyanamid, New Jersey's finest without a doubt.

    It's a bummer they only recorded this single (plus a coupla songs for the New Jerseys' Got It? comp), as their music was fantastic – their "Peppermint Girl / Trip Out" tune comes to mind.

    By the way, few years ago there was a plan to release a CD with unreleased material by M3S, but guess it never happened… what a shame.

    Oh well, let's hope some day we all can enjoy M3S's legacy as it is due.

    Kudos for the fantastic blog and keep up the good work.

    Best wishes,