Friday, November 25, 2011

City of Silver (1984)

Listen listen me no lie, this compilation hits 'pie in the sky'. "Features the music of the other Los Angeles" The music here is primarily DIY synth / minimal synth tunes. Also has a couple of atmospheric synth tracks, a death rock tune, a new wave lounge deal, and a noise experiment.

Interesting that this was an early release of Plastic Head Records from the UK, and these bands were in L.A. Not sure how that came about, but it may speak to the lack of support for this kind of music in the US compared to the UK. Or so it seemed to me, of course it could be a matter of the grass being greener.

Psychic Dogs, Pubic Fish, Duck Fella, The Plymouth Fastbucks, Zasu Pitts, and Smokey Joe Popp. Have all won me over big time. Leaving me wanting to hear more. Though it seems only Bamboola released anything else. I included the inserts, which have more info on all of these fine bands.

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