Monday, September 30, 2013

Asbestos Rockpyle - Police State / Bombs From Belfast (1984)

Lo-fi political art punk from Suitland, Maryland. Police State is a barn burnin' chunk of drum machine, twisted guitar lines, and vocals segued from the bullhorn announcements of the state (police). Bombs From Belfast sounds to me like someone making fun of The Clash. Probably not their intent but it works for me!


  1. Hello,

    You won't believe this, but today I was thinking about this precise band and song – first heard on the Homework CD series. Can't believe what my eyes are seeing now… You posted this record just yesterday??? Oh boy, call it telepathy! I am stilll scratching my head in disbelief…

    Keep up the over-the-top superb job!

    Best regards,

  2. many thanks for all your great stuff. someone please put up all lovegods in leisure suits lp and split with damge as well as all the damage stuff synthology and others please much appreciate it

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  4. Wow!! This amazing and should be better known than it is. The BFB track is better than most of the stuff The Clash did IMO.


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