Sunday, September 29, 2013

Volumatix - Volume One (1982) Fitness / Trashman (1981)

New wave from Houston, Texas. Straight Line, Fitness, and Obscene Phone Call are all well done quirky new wave tunes that I like quite a lot. The rest I don't listen to that much. They put out an LP called In The City in '84 that I've not heard. And made a video for Obscene Phone Call that I'll put below. Seems a weird song choice as it's pretty much an instrumental aside from a few surprised sounding words from the singer. Still it makes a good video story. I wonder what kinds of hilarity they would have come up with for a Fitness video. Again I don't have the picture sleeve for the 7" but scans are at discogs.


  1. I saw them live, in Houston, TX, 1983. I think the venue was called the Lawndale Art Annex. I had this on vinyl, back then. I never heard the album you mentioned; I left for the Navy and lost connection with Houston bands.

  2. Forgot to mention: I found a cassette copy of this, in a Bargain Bin, at a 99 cent store, in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA. It was probably 1987. I'll bet it's still in my storage unit, somewhere.