Saturday, April 23, 2011

Battery Farley - Dress For Obscurity (1987)

Battery Farley from Los Angeles, CA. released Dress For Obscurity (One of the unlucky medium bombers) in 1987. An off-kilter thing of beauty, beholden to the post punk / new wave milieu. Mutant Sounds has their earlier EP. Although I find the sounds on this LP superior. Scans of the record insert are included.
Pressed on orange vinyl, it's a total classic!

Here's a video Battery Farley did, but it isn't anywhere near the weirdness heard on Dress For Obscurity.


  1. Hi there,

    No words to express my joy in finding this your blogsite by chance. Can't believe it: Battery Farley, Egoslavia and the amazing Propeller comp (more CCCPTV songs, btw!) in the same blog? Hats off!

    Endless thanks and keep on posting so great stuff.


  2. Thanks, glad your finding stuff here you like.
    Just wanted to let you know there's a CCCP-TV song on the A Wicked Good Time vol.2 comp. that I'm posting today.

  3. Thanx a lot for this excellent blog! Battery Farley so BRILLIANT! THX!!!!!!! :]