Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Invertebrates - Let's Have Fun! (1983)

From San Francisco's incredibly vibrant and prolific art/wave/punk scene. Sounds are reminiscent of the Club Foot compilation that is available for download from Subterranean Records. Check out Tom Wheeler's YouTube channel for Invertebrates videos, and glimpses of the recent Club Foot reunion show. The Invertebrates also have newer releases for sale at CD Baby.

Released in 1983, but the a-side is entitled 1980, while the b-side has a 1983 label. I've included scans of the Fun! booklet that came with the LP.


  1. Hello:

    I noticed you have posted for download , The Invertebrates, "Let's have Fun", which was recorded by my band. Surprisingly, we still play on occasion, with a handful of the original members & other's who have only been with us a mere 10 years or so. One our current slogans is; " The Invertebrates are burrowing ever deeper into the underground seeking our niche in the fossil record." Thanks for being an archeologist.

    Tom Wheeler

  2. Nice to hear from you Tom. Love your youtube channel, hope you keep putting up videos.
    Hey it's always a good idea to dig deeper.
    Thanks for the tunes!

  3. Here are some recently uploaded Invertebrate videos. Hope you find them amusing.


    Ballad of Socrates

    Empty-headed Athenians