Friday, March 30, 2012

Le Cause - Clear Plastic Day (198?)

Some records you just love everything about. Le Cause were a remarkable minimal synth wave band. Not much info to be found about them anywhere. Judging from the phone number on the back cover they were from the Philadelphia area, and it seems two of the guys would go on to form National Razor, a dark wave band also from Pennsylvania.

It's probable that this came out in 1982 or 1983. It certainly has all the trappings of an early 80's recording. The synths and drum machine are early analogue sounding. The synths are really upfront along with some great creative bass work, and sparse guitar. Topping it all off with the awesome vocals, that sound something like Billy Mackenzie without the falsetto.

Quirky, dark, arty diy synth wave = maximum entertainment value.


  1. Le Cause started out in Bethlehem, PA in '81 or '82 as a 3 man, technology-heavy, band and later picked up a drummer (me) in '83. The emphasis was still heavy on dark techno with gobs of analog arps, baselines, and drum machines. They culminated in an opening gig for the B52's at Lafayette College in Easton, PA in 83 or 84. After some nasty, mean-spirited press they broke up and eventually formed Voodoo Taxi, a rawer, stranger band with only a three-piece setup which was a lot of fun but short-lived. The original members were Nate Tomaino, guitar; Gary Out (and his wife, Robin Beyond?), bass; and Phil Cirocco, keyboard synths. Gary Out moved on in 83 and was replaced by Mike McNeil, a hot and funky bassist who later played guitar in Voodoo Taxi. I am Tom Maxfield, the analog drummer: playing along with headsets with a drum machine did great things for my meter! We released one more recording that is more than obscure. Even I don't have a copy. Happy listening!

  2. Thanks for all the info Tom. Sure would like to hear that second recording. Wonder if Phil still has a copy.