Saturday, January 28, 2012

Goat - Cu (1982)

Goat were Phil Pickering and Sean Purcell (Cuddly Toys) from the UK. Starts off with perfection. Similie has everything going for it, like a Ross Middleton era Positive Noise meets early Associates. Totally killer. Zennor is a top shelf minimal synth track! Lucy, Lucy has a Dome / P'o type feel. Scapegoat is post punky in a kinda Virgin Prunes way. The other two pieces are short interludes, that bleed the songs together. Which is why I had to put each side on one track.

Enstruction - Keep Out of My Body Bag / Signal to Noise / Is There a Dog? (1982)

 Synth abuse and drum machines are the musical backdrop for the vocalists perspectives from the anti pop culture. Early industrial no-wave-muzak, from these experimental art terrorists in the Seattle area. My kinda people.

The band history and lots of music can be found at their website.
Booklet with lyrics and many enstructions included.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Testament (1988)

Great international compilation of experimental electroacoustic music. Released on five 7"s in a box.
Voice Crack really scratch the itch with an early SPK vibe. Agog gives a seven minute long tour de force of  sonic manipulation. Appi distorts rhythm and voice. Phauss search for gold through a myriad of effects. Gum take you to a strange electro swamp. The Nachtluft track is much less jarring than anything else I've heard by them. The booklet is also included.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skafish - Obsessions of You / Sink or Swim (1980)

Because Sink or Swim is such a great weird art-punk tune, I felt compelled to post this single. Obsessions of You is a lot of fun as well, and was also on their first LP.

Lead by the original idiosyncratic stylings of Jim Skafish. Skafish began infecting the Chicago area with strange punk new wave sounds in February of 1976. Their early recordings were complied on What's This 1976 - 1979

The second Skafish LP seemed tame, and disappointingly normal. So it was interesting find out that, the songs they first recorded for it were rejected. Being deemed to weird to be released by the record label. Hopefully those recordings will come out soon. Read the whole story at the Skafish website

Link removed. Re-release in the works. You can still hear Sink or Swim and others at Skafish audio.