Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moonlight Radio (1981)

Stellar post punk compilation of mostly UK bands, that played at the Midnight Club in London.
I had to adjust the volume on a few tracks, because the discrepancy was to much to bear.

Anyway there's loads of killer tunes here. My favorites coming from The Pinkies, Flying Club, The Room, Dr Mix and the Remix, Patrik Fitzgerald Group, and Out on Blue Six.
Insert included and a more legible picture of the back cover with all the band info.
I posted the companion comp here

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Againagainagain – Forever / A Cold Place (1983)

Some melodic post punk from New Jersey. A Cold Place has a jangly sound close to Felt. Except the singer sounds more like Jack Grisham here than Lawrence. Forever has more of a Joy Division influence, resembling The Comsat Angels, or The Sound. Insert included.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

SF Sound OF Music Club Live Vol.1 (1983)

Here's a slew of arty San Francisco bands rockin' live in 1983. About half these bands had their own records, about half not. My favorite moment is Arkansaw Man taunting the crowd with a Led Zeppelin cover, then going into one of their better songs. Me thinks there's a few standout tracks here, what say you? Was there ever a volume two?

The Terminal Jive and Scarlet Alive E.P. (1982)

Two great post punk bands from the UK, on a split EP. The Terminal Jive tracks animate high energy (China Doll is killer) compared to the moodier sounds of Scarlet Alive. Their snarky Explain All That is a keeper, and makes me remember The Fall.
Insert included