Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Wicked Good Time! (1981) / A Wicked Good Time Volume Two (1981)

Two marvelous compilations put out by Modern Method Records. All the bands were from the Boston area. A succinct review of the first comp found at RYM says "Side A is the punk stuff and side B is the weird stuff. What side are you on?" Well if I have to chose... My only quibble is Aimee Manns' Young Snakes, their Brains and Eggs is classic weird post punk. Also side A is more power pop really, and not every song on side B is weird. Guess that's more than one quibble. I'm just being pedantic because there is plenty of stellar weirdness from the likes of Bound & Gagged, Someone and the Somebodies, The Loners, Suade Cowboys, Young Snakes, and Roger Millers' Bird Songs of the Mesozoic. Plus a bunch of other fine tunes.

A Wicked Good Time!

Volume two sprinkles the weird stuff around. The post punk of CCCP-TV being my favorite. Check out the Propeller Product EP for another great tune of theirs. Also there's a Pastiche tune, the latter of which devolves into an incredibly cool minimal synth sound. Vitamin do an art damaged punk-folk thing. November Group have a great synth wave track. Plenty of other interesting sounds. The record insert is included.

A Wicked Good Time Volume Two

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Virgin Circus - Comic Opera Kingdom (1986)

A two man project of Billy Ledges, and Tony Michaels from California. The first track is a dark minimal synth punk gem. A cover of Hurdy Gurdy Man follows. Then back to minimal synth on What Simon Says. Followed by lots of great synth wave. Check it all out.

Psy 231 (1988)

This collaboration between Psyclones and Pacific 231. Yields a couple of great synth tunes, some atmospheric tracks, and something of an electronic African homage with a Snakefinger guitar sound.
Check out their youtube page for videos of these songs. http://www.youtube.com/user/bluppper

Link removed this is available on bandcamp here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Found Objects (1985)

A compilation that mostly features Los Angeles musicians. Performance artist Johanna Went has a no-waveish track here, and many members of her band have their solo material brought to light. The most striking is keyboardist Mark Wheaton (he also produced this LP) Johanna Went sings on his song "The Box" that has a Corpses As Bedmates feel. Bent was Scott and Shaun Guerin's band after The Deadbeats. The sole Boston inclusion Shut Up do some synthpunk somewhat reminiscent of singer Robin Amos other band The Girls. Two of The Fibonaccis have their own tunes here as well. All in all you get artpunk, weird new wave, artrock, some jazz, and a solo piano tune. Lyric sheet included.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Transport (1982)

Transport from Santa Monica, CA. Were a quirky new wave band, with great synth sounds surrounding the guitars. "What Color Fear" is the darkest sounding song here, approaching British post punk. "Isotope Tan"  is classic nuclear fallout nervous wave. "Body Buildings" is the spasmodic dance floor non-hit. "Going Nowhere" and "More Than Brave" show their more accessible side, but are still great tunes.
Lyric sheet and insert included.