Monday, September 30, 2013

Asbestos Rockpyle - Police State / Bombs From Belfast (1984)

Lo-fi political art punk from Suitland, Maryland. Police State is a barn burnin' chunk of drum machine, twisted guitar lines, and vocals segued from the bullhorn announcements of the state (police). Bombs From Belfast sounds to me like someone making fun of The Clash. Probably not their intent but it works for me!

Brain Damage - Kill Dan White Party Tape (1985)

Reportedly recorded in 1979, but not released until 1985. The year Dan White took his own life. After serving only five years in prison for killing Harvey Milk and then San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. If you want to know more about it check wikipedia. Hell there's even been movies made about it, with Sean Penn and everything. So onto the music. Lo-fi sloppily played art punk wave with keyboards. Kill Dan White turns into free Sid Vicious, for seriously! You're Not the One is really just a retarded cover Stepping Stone. Forget Her and Sending a Message are my favs. The latter sounds like it could be another sixties cover. Yep Sending a Message is way cool.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Volumatix - Volume One (1982) Fitness / Trashman (1981)

New wave from Houston, Texas. Straight Line, Fitness, and Obscene Phone Call are all well done quirky new wave tunes that I like quite a lot. The rest I don't listen to that much. They put out an LP called In The City in '84 that I've not heard. And made a video for Obscene Phone Call that I'll put below. Seems a weird song choice as it's pretty much an instrumental aside from a few surprised sounding words from the singer. Still it makes a good video story. I wonder what kinds of hilarity they would have come up with for a Fitness video. Again I don't have the picture sleeve for the 7" but scans are at discogs.