Tuesday, March 31, 2015

T.M.I. 015 (1982)

Seriously phenomenal compilation of bands from the three states of Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The record starts off with Dancing Cigarettes, probably one of the best unheard unrecognized underground bands at the time, and it's a doozy in the Pere Ubu, Styrenes vein of sound. Plus there's the jazz punk weirdness of Stick Against Stone, and Cold Warrior and the Mercenary Band. Johnny Clampett and the Walkers, and F-Models both tear it up, the latter with a with Pagans sounding blast. Easter Island's got the herky- jerky postpunk sound down. I'm not going explain every track, but rest assured it's all a bunch of more great art-wave / postpunk.

Vancouver Independence (1980)

Pretty forkin' cool sampling of the early Vancouver scene. Even though my favorite Vancouver bands of the time AKA, and UJ3RK5 aren't on it. Si Monkey with UJ3RK5 Frank Ramirez on vocals are my pick of the compilation with a couple of weird minimal synth tracks. M.E.C. play great art-punk here, with some of the Hawkwind influence intact. Droogs are like The Sleepers meets The Doors and their "Nuremburg '34" is great! Metros "In With the Crowd" is very solid powerpop. No Exit is low-fi raw punk the KBD crowd loves. The B-sides have a good ska thing going on, I love early ska. The Subhumans are doing their melodic tuff-guy punk, but had they not been twenty years before their time, they'd have made a million maybe. Also we have Singing Cowboys who don't sing in their new wave rodeo. Yeah I included the insert.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I'llbeonthefönetoyou (1982)

Brilliant and very obscure postpunk / artwave out of Houston Texas. Lot's of cymbal-less drumming, dominate bass and synths throughout, some weird guitar figures. Then there's "Practice Makes Perfect" a kind of cool snark acoustic guitar tune. On the whole somewhat comparable to Monitor, or Savage Republic of the same year, only mixed with their later offshoot 17 Pygmies. Great record! Lyric sheet insert included!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Street to Street - Volume Two (1981)

Chock-full of phenomenal songs, here's an excellent postpunk compilation from Liverpool. Chinese Religion taking cues from PIL. Games coming up with OMD sounding synth songs that sound as good or better. Systems "Total Recall" is impossibly catchy wave. Egypt for Now's "Days on Edge" is solid postpunk weirdness. Cooling Towers "The Thesis" features a drum machine along with live drumming resulting in one the best tracks here. If you didn't hear this one when Mutant Sounds had it up, your in for a real treat!  


Tragicomedy - Homage to Nada (1983)

A great diverse set of tunes released on the Minutemen's label, New Alliance Records. A lot of the vocals sound reminiscent of Jack Grisham to me. So it's like a blend of Minutemen and T.S.O.L. with some Saccharine Trust sprinkled in. There's a few fast hardcore punk rockers, and a few more experimental postpunkers. Unemployed Extras has a bit of Weathered Statues going on, and Terra Firma is just a great track!


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Urang Otan (1981)

Stupendous postpunk mutant-funk sounds out of NYC. Sharing some the same musically curious odd sensibilities as contemporaries Mofungo, Material, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, V-Effect, etc. It takes a whole group of talented freaks to make a record this cool, it's a keeper!

Busload of Nuns - Red All Over (1982)

New wave / art rock out of Boston. The A-side is brilliant with the art-wave lament of "Work Song" and a deadpan wave cover in "Stayin' Alive". The B-side isn't really my thing though.

My 3 Sons - Starving Artist / In the Beginning (1984)

New Jersey's My 3 Sons play a bit of the experimental noise punk, reminiscent of No Trend or Flipper.

Friday, October 31, 2014

No Aid - Charlie Wutz / TV 06131/701 (1980)

Rejoice freaks, here's a truly Dada inspired minimal / no wave trip of the Neue Deutsche Welle perspective. Complete with the headache guitar tone, thumpy bass, hiccup vocalizing, and some surprisingly friendly synth sounds.      


The Wise Men - Knowledge / Lost in Action (1983)

A straight up classic of the English postpunk scene, produced by John McGeoch of Magazine, and Siouxsie fame. The A-side is as gritty and dark, as it is full of great melodies. The B-side is a moody almost psychedelic ballade.



The Nice Men - Senile Youth / I Am Wood (1981)

Super catchy English postpunk, "I Am Wood" is an especially awesome song, it's like the best thing The Monochrome Set never wrote. I included their first single from no longer forgotten music as the link is dead. Be sure to check out The Nice Men on Facebook!