Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Appliances (1980)

Here's a killer art punk / post punk EP with a synth! Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. This was released in 1980 on their own Applied Sciances Music label. They would later change their name to Appliances-SFB. Their later stuff is available at CD Baby

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Battery Farley - Dress For Obscurity (1987)

Battery Farley from Los Angeles, CA. released Dress For Obscurity (One of the unlucky medium bombers) in 1987. An off-kilter thing of beauty, beholden to the post punk / new wave milieu. Mutant Sounds has their earlier EP. Although I find the sounds on this LP superior. Scans of the record insert are included.
Pressed on orange vinyl, it's a total classic!

Here's a video Battery Farley did, but it isn't anywhere near the weirdness heard on Dress For Obscurity.

The Invertebrates - Let's Have Fun! (1983)

From San Francisco's incredibly vibrant and prolific art/wave/punk scene. Sounds are reminiscent of the Club Foot compilation that is available for download from Subterranean Records. Check out Tom Wheeler's YouTube channel for Invertebrates videos, and glimpses of the recent Club Foot reunion show. The Invertebrates also have newer releases for sale at CD Baby.

Released in 1983, but the a-side is entitled 1980, while the b-side has a 1983 label. I've included scans of the Fun! booklet that came with the LP.

Pack Nine - Espontanéo (1982)

Pack Nine or Pack 9, depending on what part of the 12" you're looking at. Were a synth driven punk wave band. Apparently from NYC, although this was recorded in Detroit. Released in 1982 on Boozer Records, so knock one back and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Egoslavia (1982)

A post punk band from Washington D.C. Originally known as R.E.M. Until a battle of the bands ensued with the Athens, Georgia R.E.M. Read the story here and here
In the same vain as Gang of Four, The Slits, or Pylon.
This is simply a fantastic record. Girls Without Trying, Right for Pictures, Lost Song, and Do Your Face are my favorites.

The Sensational Creed / Orbidöig - Nocturnal Operations / Down Pericomoscopes (1981)

The Sensational Creed (otherwise known as Orbidöig) and Nocturnal Operations / Down Pericomoscopes originally came to Beggars Banquet on 1981 via Billy MacKenzie of The Associates as a one-off single and was released through the Situation Two label. It was then re-released on Beggars Banquet on the 30th November 1984 (just in time for Christmas).

The Sensational Creed were essentially two people - Christine Beveridge and Steve Reid - both closely allied with The Associates. Steve was in fact playing with The Associates by 1984 and contributing to their album. Billy MacKenzie had been consistently quoting them as his favourite group which is typically perverse since they had never played live and had to date only made this one record.

Christine contributed backing vocals on the first Big Country album 

Billy MacKenzie is also credited with "Tubular Bells" on the b-side.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kneecappers - Urban Kill 1978 - 1980

Kneecappers, underrated or unjustly unheard Cleveland punk band that could appeal to the Pagans in all of us. Thanks to Ryan Richardson for putting this out. Some great Kneecappers stories to be found here. Singer Chris Yarmock's next band Easter Monkeys had a retrospective CD that came out awhile back.
I included the great record insert along with the tunes, check it out.

Restricted Code - Love to Meet You / Monkey Monkey Monkey (1981)

Restricted Code were a Scottish post punk band, that recorded a couple of great singles on Pop:Aural. They also have two tracks on the Second City Static compilation. I had planned on posting them all until I found Tom Cannavan's YouTube channel here which has everything Restricted Code, and Mutant Sounds already has  Second City Static

Love to Meet You / Monkey Monkey Monkey is the second single from Restricted Code, and my favorite. I also included an insert that came with the record.

Propeller Product (1981)

Propeller Product EP from 1981. Four Boston area post punk bands. Wikipedia has some info
Neats were more of a 60's garage rock revival act a la Lyres. People in Stores drank strait from the Gang of Four / Mission of Burma cup. Whilst CCCP-TV feared the mindless funk of Fred Schneider singing with Talking Heads. Wild Stares offer something like a Television / Mission of Burma mix.