Sunday, December 30, 2012

Secret Mammals - Cost Too Much / Preachin' (1981)

Secret Mammals from Washington DC. Primitive guitar rock with nervous punk-wave vocals is what you'll find here. According to this website they also put an LP, and describe the a-side Cost Too Much as Gang of Four style post-punk. That seems quite a stretch to me, but it's possible my ears work differently than others. Great cover art. There are mammals they have not told you of... It's all so cryptic, sasquatch chupacabra four armed guitarists. Just how many mammals have they not told us about?

King of Culture - Know How / Cut Shut (1983)

Quality art wave from NYC. With great basslines, and the female singer sounds a bit like Kate Pierson to me. Cut Shut edges out Know How mostly because I prefer the girls voice to the guys. I suspect they could have put out a decent LP, but it seems this was it. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mofungo - Out of Line (1983)

More fun art punk for a proletariat on the go. Certainly there's enough spastic art squawks, sax skronks and heart attacking rhythms. To please anyone that liked their earlier 7" I put up here. On the whole Out of Line is a more elaborate flesh out of the noisy post-punk Mofungo sound. According to Robert Sietsema in the Perfect Sound Forever article several durable classics appear here. 'Three,' 'FBI Informant' (later known as 'He Sold His Soul'), and 'Migrant Assembly Line Workers.' Watermark and Happy Man are my picks. Lyrically there's enough left leaning political sloganeering to keep the flames of discontent alive against the man, or woman as the case may be.
Insert with lyrics included.