Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Divorce - Friends and Celebrities / Family (1980)

New wave art pop from the Netherlands. Sounds like something from Object Music by way of The Legendary Pink Dots. Two great post punk oddities with synth buzz around the extremities. The two main players Mark Glynne and Bart Zwier also put out an LP, called Home Comfort. Which you can listen to courtesy of the most exalted Mutant Sounds.

Problem Dogs - You Are The Knife / City Hall (1983)

Interesting 7" on Disturbing Records from Chicago. The a-side is a morose sounding neo-psych track. Something like The Butthole Surfers might have come up with, had they a serious bone in their musical bodies. The b-side is a fun punk-wave city hall destroyer. Produced by Reggie McFadden of Men, and Mentally Ill fame. If you haven't heard Men defiantly check out their records here and here.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zeitgeist - Shake-Rake (1980) Touch (1980) Ball of Confusion (1981) Stop (1982)

Originally from Cornwall then London. Post-punk with two vocalists alternating male/female. Read the whole history here. Similar to A Certain Ratio, etc. In the sense that they started out with moody post punk explorations and got more and more dance friendly as the years went by, culminating in their last 7" not included here. They cover Ball of Confusion which is nice and all, but I find their own tunes a lot more engaging. I inclued the Shake-Rake 7" which I had previously posted here. Since someone had it taken down, claiming it's a Japanese anime!