Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sis Q Lint - Pre-Need E.P. (1984)

Wonderfully entertaining absurdist tomfoolery from Los Angeles. Similar in spirit to the likes of Inflatable Boy Clams or 2.3 Children. The detached deadpan femme vocals are coupled with silly satirical lyrical insights about out of control poodles, the stresses of finding a proper mortician for oneself, and the cheesiness of low budget romantic pretendings. The music is quite entertaining as well. Synths, sound effects, sound clips, and percussions. All artasticly mastered at Gold Star studios. Try listening to Dog Sweaters without cracking a big grin. There's a good review from San Francisco's Unsound zine to read here. They also put a single Wally! Wally! / The Very Last Record from Gold Star. That I'm dying to hear, anyone?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

La Loora - This Is Not The Use They Are Longing For So They Gonna Be Fascists (1982) N'Avez Vous Rien De Mieux (1983)

La Loora from Berlin, Germany formed in 1981. Shortly thereafter they self released their first LP "This Is Not The Use They Are Longing For So They Gonna Be Fascists". Which is a masterwork, and one of the best LP's of the year. Seemingly informed by the plethora of bizarre undertakings at the time. They craft music here with nods to the neue Deutsche welle, Industrial Records, no wave, post punk or art punk, and minimal electronics. That blends all this strange architecture, and reminds one that all these labels we now affix to this kind of music is sometimes useless. As they have so much experimentation in common, being at times interchangeable.

Their next release a mini-LP. Was released by Gudrun Gut of Malaria!. A slightly better produced affair, which still has their uncompromising unique sound. Finally from the first LP gets redone, and they do an interesting epic cover of Iggy Pop's Tiny Girls. Amidst plenty of other great sounds.

Kill your pet puppy has the Berlin Atonal split with Psychic TV. Mutant sounds has Reseda Revel from 1986. There's also a myspace.

These records really need a proper reissue. You'd be a fool not to hear why.

Glad Corp (1983)

From New Kent, Virginia comes a great three song 7", of the DIY wacky minimal synth pop variety. I'm Sorry seems to be an ode to masochistic apologizes. Alone has fun helium backing vocals. Streetboys of Green my fav with it's surreal lyrics. Glad Corp also put out a three song cassette you can listen to here.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Willy Nilly (1982)

Interesting Dutch postpunk explorations. The basic guitar bass drums, with synth and sax fleshing things out. On the whole it reminds me of Minimal Compact, especially the vocals. They investigate a variety of tactics, introducing assorted climates. The most freakish being LTD.D.M. Crook's First Big Action, but it's all good, man.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Belastungsprobe - Platzdruck 90 ATÜ (1981)

Weird art punk from Hamburg, Germany. The songs vacillate between lo-fi punk with touches of the strange, to full on ZickZack type oddities. With lots of synth noises, a ring modulator, and drum machine on a couple of tracks. Of special note is Randerscheinung, alien wave rules. This is their second (and I think better) of two EP's. Listen to the first one here.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Out On Blue Six (1981) The Pinkies (1981) The Room (1980)

Three singles from bands that are on the two Armageddon Records compilations. Featuring bands who played regularly at London's Moonlight Club between August 1979 and October 1981. Check out the comps here and here.
All good to stupendously great post punk songs.