Monday, July 23, 2012

Animal Dance - Fake / Sterile Mecca (1983)

Vibrant percussion flavored art pop new wave from Los Angeles. No six stringed thing here. Instead they entertain with sax, synth, bass, an array of percussion instruments, and very catchy vocals.

I included scans of the inner sleeve with more info on the band, and some press clippings. Seems they were compared to Bow Wow Wow quite a bit in the local press. Which is fair I suppose, but their sound has just as much in common with irregular art outsiders like The Del-Byzanteens.

Animal Dance also have a standout track on the Radio Tokyo Tapes 2 comp, I put up here.

I found this video via the great Scavenged Luxury blog. Where they sort of pooh-poohed it. True they changed their sound, but me likes!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Hair - Puppet on a String / Lies (1980)

Post punk artizans from England. Go about deconstructing a tepid 60's love song into some herky jerky art-spazz fun. The flip side is similar. Sounding very much like Fresh labelmates Family Fodder. Posted a few years ago on the seemingly now defunct Swinging Singles Club blog. I ripped this from my own copy for those who may have missed it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clive Oxford - For Your Future Entertainment / Fading Star (1980)

Spacey DIY minimal synth from the UK. The a side is an instrumental version of the b side. Where the singer in monotone recites a litany of what are ostensibly fading stars. Musically the spaced out tranquilizers will have you meditating sowiesoso on another green world.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fish - Cocks / Nails (1982)

Fish hailed from Andover, England with a dark post punk single. Call it goth if you want to. Shades of The Danse Society, Virgin Prunes, UK Decay. Good stuff with lots of synth rumblings to boot. According to discogs they also put out a cassette entitled Sole Music. Witticisms abound.