Saturday, November 29, 2014

Urang Otan (1981)

Stupendous postpunk mutant-funk sounds out of NYC. Sharing some the same musically curious odd sensibilities as contemporaries Mofungo, Material, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, V-Effect, etc. It takes a whole group of talented freaks to make a record this cool, it's a keeper!

Busload of Nuns - Red All Over (1982)

New wave / art rock out of Boston. The A-side is brilliant with the art-wave lament of "Work Song" and a deadpan wave cover in "Stayin' Alive". The B-side isn't really my thing though.

My 3 Sons - Starving Artist / In the Beginning (1984)

New Jersey's My 3 Sons play a bit of the experimental noise punk, reminiscent of No Trend or Flipper.

Friday, October 31, 2014

No Aid - Charlie Wutz / TV 06131/701 (1980)

Rejoice freaks, here's a truly Dada inspired minimal / no wave trip of the Neue Deutsche Welle perspective. Complete with the headache guitar tone, thumpy bass, hiccup vocalizing, and some surprisingly friendly synth sounds.

The Wise Men - Knowledge / Lost in Action (1983)

A straight up classic of the English postpunk scene, produced by John McGeoch of Magazine, and Siouxsie fame. The A-side is as gritty and dark, as it is full of great melodies. The B-side is a moody almost psychedelic ballade.


The Nice Men - Senile Youth / I Am Wood (1981)

Super catchy English postpunk, "I Am Wood" is an especially awesome song, it's like the best thing The Monochrome Set never wrote. I included their first single from no longer forgotten music as the link is dead. Be sure to check out The Nice Men on Facebook!

Pope Paul Pot - Adventures in Plastic T.V. Land (1981)

Utterly deranged Residents style experiments from San Francisco. Mr. Paul Pot is still at it today with the Happy Clams. More info on this E.P. here. "Plastic T.V. Land on Acid" may make you lament mother's day, but "This is Your Leader" is prolly my favorite of the bunch, making Snakefinger sound pop in comparison.

The Scenekillers - A Scarey Love / Sheila's Boom Box (1985)

A one off side project from Neil Socol, bassist of  Milwaukee, Wisconsin's funny punks Couch Flambeau. With the Appliances-SFB drummer Meredith Young, and a certain Chip Johns on board. You get a disturbing noise-dirge in "A Scarey Love", and jazz ridden postpunk in "Sheila's Boom Box". The record has A Scarey Love as the A-side despite what it says on the back cover.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conversion - Interference / Collector (1980)

First class herky-jerky art-wave postpunk from New Jersey. Fans of avant-prog / RIO might appreciate this as well. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Clive Smith also had a major role in writing the music for the desperately weird new wave film Liquid Sky!

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Moderates - Fetishes (1980)

Super fun English postpunk jangly pop. Sounds like The Monochrome Set colliding with The Petticoats in an all night shake down. The Moderates also had a track on the great Street to Street - A Liverpool Album compilation, did a John Peel session, and put out a couple singles after this EP.

Idiotsavant – Feindsender (1984)

Experimental new wave with electro-avant-jazz flourishes. They were from the Netherlands, but the music has a Slavic overtone or concept going on. Insert included.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dogs - Missing on the Subway / Ain't Goin' Nowhere + Rubbish / Ain't Goin' Now Here (1981)

Catchy minimal synth from the British Isles. Sounding a bit like Daniel Miller's Silicon Teens (especially on the song Rubbish) but with better and original songs. Missing on the Subway (featured below) is a standout, and was included in one of those New Wave Complex comps. The riff on Ain't Goin' Nowhere sounds vaguely Gary Numan-ish, but starts goin' in a different direction. My copy of the Rubbish single is a Portuguese edition, and the b-side Ain't Goin' Nowhere was titled incorrectly, but I included it in the download because it's a different much muddier mix.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Seattle Syndrome Two (1983)

Here's the follow up to the Seattle Syndrome Volume One, I posted awhile back. This one's even better than the first one, chock full of outstanding tunes. Minimal synths, post punks, new waves, power pops, weird otherness. My record is fairly beat up, probably because it was once a radio station copy, though it's fun being able to read the descriptions and comments left in pen by the DJs back in the day. I included a better pic of the back cover, and the record sleeve that has lots of info about the bands. This is one you don't want to overlook!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beat-E-O's - Arabian Reggae / He Waiting (1981)

I first heard these guys (and gal) on The Up Another Octave Transmission comp. Where they have a great standout track, on a comp full of great tunes. Then I recently came across this 12" and picked it up on the strength of that song "China Sleeping". The b-side "He Waiting" delivers the same kind of spastic art damaged punk-wave fun, reminding me Vancouver's AKA and their Red Therapy EP. "Arabian Reggae" is a nice dose of weirdo reggae. Inserts with lyrics included!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Glass - New Colours / Sweet Entropy (1980)

Very fine artwave / postpunk 7" from England. In fact this was the first release from Glass Records, that putout a large slew of indispensable sounds in the 80's. Recorded in '78 and '79 though not released until '80. There's some info here. Discogs has a blurry scan of the insert, my record didn't come with here. That tells the tale of this record and the band written by drummer and Glass Records head honcho Dave Barker. The singer songwriter of the band Ciaran Harte later recorded a classic minimal synth 7". The band also released a hard to find cassette with a bunch of songs. Also super double bonus info: John McGeoch of Magazine and Siouxsie and the Banshees fame, helped produce the b-side. Which is easy enough to figure out looking at the back cover, heh.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Plastic Idols - Adventure / Remix (1980)

Plastic Idols from England, not to be confused with the Texas band. This was the second release from the Stoke-on-Trent label Clay, that became well known for hardcore bands Discharge and GBH. But this here is a great postpunk 7" with the synth mixed to the foreground.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seven 7 inch records

A super smorgasbord post with a little something for everybody. Brought together only because I own the vinyl (except two donations from friends), but don't have any of the picture sleeves.

 B.O.P. - Ouch / Bob Rachet / Mother's Agony (1982)
Synth driven new wave with some Devo quirkiness. The songs on the b-side are pretty cool!

 Blackmail - A Game For All The Family (1978)
A four song DIY EP that's real prog-rock influenced. More infos here. 

 Brand New World - Six Feet Under / Monster Love (1983)
Sorta novelty style new wave, think Dr. Demento or polished Marina Swingers.

 The Eighties - No Cruising in an Era of Limits / Letter to Loretta (1980)
Top notch paisley underground power pop jangle produced by Geza X. 

Klingons - Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde / The First Question (1980)
Fantastic energetic UK postpunk. Covering an underrated Who song, and a great original tune. Check out Discogs for the pics.

 L.O.K. - Fun House / Starlet Love / Tell Me (1979)
Real killer Stooges/New York Dolls inspired garage-punk. The guitar player/producer also played with Wayne County. My record seems to be some kind of early release promo. More scans on Discogs.

  Psyche - Never Laugh / The Prisoner (1982)
Synth heavy UK gothic postpunk. Discogs has more scans with the lyrics.

Hear it all here.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mark Soden - Test Monkey Records Present Mark Soden (1982)

Dark humor rhythm box wave that lends itself in a minimal art. Four weird catchy nuggets from southern California that I really dig. Mark Soden has a tune on the Beginner's Guide to COMA compilation you can buy here.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ultrasheen (1981)

Art punk wave with a prominent sax in the mix. A San Francisco band on Subterranean Records! Their live performance on "Savoy Sound Wave Goodbye" is worth tracking down. It's some of the best stuff on the record including Tuxedomoon. However their tracks on Alive! Rock City aren't my cup of tea. This is a fun 7" to be certain lee.

Legs Akimbo & the Titanics - Land of the Bearded Cricketers (1981)

DIY silliness from England. A porky prime cut record on Robert Lloyd of The Nightingales label. Postpunk experiments with hints of hippie acoustics. Be sure to check out "Quotes from Donald Campbell" and "Trains".