Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Calling Hearts - Haunted House / Man in a Bowler Hat (1981)

Some minimal synth from the UK. Man in a Bowler Hat has a surreal spy nursery rhyme feel, with plinky plonk Casio type keyboards. Whilst Haunted House sounds like a British B-52's trying to get spooky. In other words tons o' fun, and just in time for Halloween!

The Visible Targets (1982)

The first release, a self titled EP from this Seattle new wave band. Features a couple of very catchy well written punk-wave tunes. A great pop wave song, produced by Steve Fisk. However my pick is the angular art punk number Mechanical Man. Four cool tunes worthy of your ear, check it out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Phosphenes (1982)

Awesome post punk EP by the Phosphenes from New Jersey. If you like jagged rhythms, with noisy no wave-ish guitar, and warbling sorta off key monotone vocals, all with a dark macabre tone. Hey your in luck, as these folks did it well.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Someone & The Somebodies - Bops On The Head (1981) Newvo / Ian (1982)

From Boston, these guys also have a couple of tracks on the Modern Method comps I posted here. There's lots of info on the band here. Seems they were fairly well known in Boston at the time. Winning a battle of the bands type thing called the Rumble, and opening for many of the bigger new wave acts of the day.

The Bops EP I find a more interesting listen. Plenty of oddly amalgamated song constructions, and nice synth noises buzzing around. With a cover of Workin' In a Coal Mine to boot. The single is more pop than Bops. Newvo is catchy jangle wave. Ian is reportedly about Ian Curtis.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Talking Reds - The Programme / Stop Wasting Our Time (1980)

Here's an absolutely brilliant single from the UK. Stop Wasting Our Time is an amazing weird minimal synth type song, with odd guitar lines tweaking things out even more. Some parts on The Programme remind me of early Scritti Politti. Ideologically similar too, who doesn't love shouting along with "we gotta get rid of the rich"? Apparently this was a benefit release for a weekly paper called Militant. "all profits to the militant fighting fund" Both songs are credited to Freke. If anyone knows more about Freke, I'm interested.
Insert included!

The Paramedic Squad - E.P. (1981)

The Paramedic Squad were a DIY punk / post-punk band from the UK with loads of monster synth sounds in tow. Movement In Time is the hit with phase guitar, catchy shout along vocals, and killer synth workouts. Thinking Psychedelia and For You are a couple of more synth punk treats.