Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plain Characters - I Am A / Very Peculiar Julia (1977) Man in the Railings / O (1979)

In my opinion this is some of Colin Lloyd Tucker's best work. Here along with fellow Gadget John Hyde on two stellar singles. I Am A / Very Peculiar Julia provides insanely catchy art punk, that's really just a load of mad fun. I've also got to mention the super posh tri-fold cover (the inside art is included with download). Even the single sleeve is made of the finest white patterned paper.

Man in the Railings / O turns to a more electro synth sound closer to The Gadgets stuff.
Their sounds are explored more on an excellent LP. Which I was going to post, but this nice person already put it up.

Colin Lloyd Tucker has conceived many diverse and interesting musical identities. What I've heard from Plain Characters, The Gadgets, Deux Filles, Jeremy's Secret, and his solo outings. Make it clear that there should be much more interest in his eclectic unique music, which seems have eluded too many.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Arizona Disease (1981)

This comes from the always interesting vaults of Subterranean Records. Jr. Chemists play ultra primitive one string guitar rock. Something like Beat Happening would explore later on. Les Seldoms continue with the primitive motif, while adding the crazy complexities of cords and a bass. With a singer that sounds like a more subdued version of Doc Dart from The Crucifucks.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

James Gray - Gray Matter (1983)

An eclectic set of tunes from Canadian James Gray. The first track has an early Bill Laswell funk feel. Followed by a weird dissonant bass led jam, that wouldn't be out of place on a Mick Karn LP. Next is a strange a capella piece. JTA gives me flashbacks of being at a Crash Worship show. Flip the tape over for my favorite tune, that has a lot in common with Robin Crutchfield's Dark Day. Then we get a great moody post punk song in Afterlife. Lastly a frenetic punk prog wave instrumental a la Bill Nelson's Red Noise meets early Material. This was a recent find, and I've been listening to it a bunch. Maybe you will too.

UPDATE 1-29-12 NEW RIP. The old rip wasn't correct due to bad software. Please delete that and enjoy these proper sounds.

The Thought (1982)

The first LP from this Dutch post punk band. Finds them mining sounds in the same vein as The Sound, The Comsat Angels, or The Passage. These Days, and There's A Boy are a couple of standout tracks. They released another self titled album a couple of years after this one, to a more pop direction. Insert and lyric sheet included.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Tunes - The Truth, Justice & The Mancunian Way (1979)

Seriously catchy synth/organ driven post punk from the UK. Kinda like a British Los Reactors, if you will. All four of these songs are winners. The lead track Larger Than Life seemed poised to be the hit single. Headlights anticipates the Britpop of the nineties in a synth wave form. My Time, and Last Orders Taken, the two tracks on the flip side. Seal the deal for me. They are just as catchy, but filled with a more angular art throb. That gets my toes to bob, around and more.