Monday, September 24, 2012

Mofungo - El Salvador / Just the Way / Gimme a Sarsaparilla (1982)

There's an excellent article about Mofungo at Perfect Sound Forever here. So read that and listen to this 7". When Mofungo was still in their no wave type mode. Should anyone want to spill out any of their earlier über obscure recordings i.e. Elementary Particles, or End of the World, I'm all ears. Until then check out this Tape # 1 stuff on youtube

Toto Lotto - White Walls / Cut a Slice / Toto Lotto (1980)

Compelling art punk from Frankfurt, Germany. White Walls menaces then drops deposits of no wave sax skronk, while Cut a Slice is a bit of sarcastic quirk, and Toto Lotto unleashes the furious frenzy. Mutant Sounds has a mostly live Toto Lotto tape here. Brotbeutel has more info and dead links here.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stutter - Collisions / Dialogues (1983)

"Stutter started as an improvisational music collective based out of Louisville, Kentucky" You can read the whole story here. On this EP the music will delight your ears with jagged post-punk kickassery, and the sounds of quasi no wave. Funded in part by an art grant. Many of the pieces here were used in conjunction with artistic devices in other mediums, just read the back cover. Mutant Sounds has their Broken Snakes LP from 1990 here.