Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reasonable Strollers - Tools for Africa / Smile / No Wasting (1982)

I should read the run-out groove on my records more often, as this here's another porky prime cut. Though that's probably the least exciting thing about this record. Mutant Sounds has their Secure tape here. Just as the mutants say you'll find shades of the Pop Group and Gang of Four on this top shelf, post-punk classic.

Extro 2 - Cruciform Man / Fast Car (1980)

Don't know much about Extro 2 except they were from somewhere on the British Isles, and this is a porky prime cut record. The dichotomous nature of this single makes it all the more interesting. Fast Car is a nervous manic and yes fast ditty about a ghost car or somethin'. Whilst Cruciform Man is spacey slow and creepy. With somethin' of a minimalist prog feel. If such a thing can exist, it should exist more often.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bamboo Zoo - Look! Listen! Consume! (1981) Ghost Party / Binding Wire (1981)

More outstanding British post punk here. Bamboo Zoo formed in Manchester with three of their members coming from the ashes of I.Q. Zero originally hailing from Blackburn. I'd loosely describe much of their sound as a mix of The Nightingales meets The Monochrome Set with some moodier elements drawn in at times like say Crispy Ambulance perhaps. One of the guitar players is quite adept at using the tremolo bar to create odd wobbly legged guitar tones. Bamboo Zoo also have a John Peel session floating around out there. If anyone knows where to locate, I'd be much obliged.