Monday, August 27, 2012

B Team - Buy American (1983) What Is This? / The Kill / Caught! (1982)

A three piece post-punk band from San Francisco. That really rip it up with moves that will remind you of Gang of Four more than once. Which in my book is a wonderful thing. Buy American has better production values. Usually I don't care to much about such things, but The Kill (fantastic song that it is) is somewhat buried. I upped the volume quite a bit there. Caught! from the 7" was on a Messthetics Homework comp. Curious pick as I find it about their least interesting song. I also included the 7" insert with lyrics to The Kill, and the 7" back cover which isn't much to look at.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Factory - Rat Inside My Head \ Electric Buffalo (1986)

Lo-fi post-punk with noisy guitar and heavy bass. Real cool and cryptic stuff. The song titles are etched into the run-out groove, but appear no where else. Definitely worth checking out.

Lifers - This House (1981)

New wavy post punk from San Francisco. "Walking Distance" likes to get stuck in my head. Actually I prefer most of side one over side two, but that's just me. They also have a track on the Alive Rock City comp. That I will probably post someday.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

American Gorilla - Forsaking All Others / Masters of War (1983)

More Los Angeles area post-punk-esque stuff. Given the affiliations with The Child Molesters and the Los Angeles Free Music Society you can figure something strange is happening here. They do a Dylan cover that by the end shows signs of art dementia. However it's Lubow's catchy phaser driven Forsaking All Others that always leaves me wanting to hear their EP.