Tuesday, March 31, 2015

T.M.I. 015 (1982)

Seriously phenomenal compilation of bands from the three states of Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The record starts off with Dancing Cigarettes, probably one of the best unheard unrecognized underground bands at the time, and it's a doozy in the Pere Ubu, Styrenes vein of sound. Plus there's the jazz punk weirdness of Stick Against Stone, and Cold Warrior and the Mercenary Band. Johnny Clampett and the Walkers, and F-Models both tear it up, the latter with a with Pagans sounding blast. Easter Island's got the herky- jerky postpunk sound down. I'm not going explain every track, but rest assured it's all a bunch of more great art-wave / postpunk.


  1. Hey Dane, this one is excellent! Thanks for Tragicomedy as well. Regards, d.

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